Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reminder from Randa: Free Playbook for KDE contributors!

While I was in Randa at the Edu mobile session, I realized that we still have the KDE Playbook Contributor Device Program open. There are only a few days left, so do not be shy. Hurry up if you would like to apply for a device and help the KDE Project to rock on further. ;-)


Also, please spread the word. Thank you in advance!

Blackberry Playbook


  1. Unfortunately, while I'd prefer being positive, RIM looks like the new Nokia. I can already smell wasted time and oportunities :'(

  2. I have to agree with Gaël. I think a Jolla device would make for a better incentive :-)

  3. That's not helping people! Why can't you just understand that developers need working devices to make sure the applications are _working_ on the different platforms?

  4. I fully agree with Aleix (Unknown).

    Please note that:

    1) RIM will most likely read this blog post, and it is not too encouraging for them to see such commits when they are actually about to help our community. I would not personally like to discuss this in a negative mood as it may discourage people from either RIM or KDE contributor commitment point of view.

    2) There are no Jolla devices distributable to us KDE volunteers at this stage.

    3) There is no well-defined Jolla platform description either aside from it is based on Mer and there will also be some closed components to my understanding.

    4) Whether the Jolla project succeeds or fails, remains to be seen.

    5) We cannot wait for promises and hopes, especially when we already have platforms we can experiment with.

    6) KDE is not only tied to Jolla, nor Linux desktop and so forth. Please look at our history and our project. Linux Desktop, Plasma Active, KDE Windows, Harmattan, Android and so forth.

    7) I have already previously discussed that with 1-2 people in the KDE community that I will try to approach Jolla as well for a KDE and Jolla collaboration once they get there. You see that, such a collaboration does not really depend on us as we are already able to go for such an agreement. :-)

    8) We have not seen such experiments as time waste so far as it was not a time waste for Harmattan either even if that had been a dead project when we held the sprint last year for instance.

    Blackberry is not known for being like that at this moment, and we Qt and KDE enthusiasts should not look at the situation like that in my opinion. :-)

    I believe, we parties should help each other to get through the barriers together and make awesome for both of us.

    So once again, do not worry. We will not miss your preference, Jolla if they get there. :-)