Saturday, September 22, 2012

Randa: KDE Frameworks build experiment on Harmattan

We had two great (plus one about the generic QML topic) sessions today I attended, here at the KDE Edu Sprint.

The topics were KDE Edu on Windows and then on Plasma Active. I will try to blog about those sessions later as I found them really interesting and noteworthy.

We had an idea about coordinating and discussing the effort for the Qt5/KF experiment. The session was not yet held, but let me blog a bit now about the Qt5/KF efforts anyway. :-)

As you may already know, I have a genuine interest to bring Qt and KDE to mobile platforms in general. ;-) Due to the lack of accces to the raspberry pi, playboook and so forth, I am only able to experiment with KDE Framework on my N9. I have just made the extra-cmake-modules, cmake 2.8.9, the phonon version 4.6.0 available for this platform.

Here are the step how you can build the frameworks branch of kdelibs for Harmattan:

1) Add the following repositories (Nokia and Community) to your sources.list files:

deb harmattan/sdk free non-free
deb ./

2) apt-get update

3) fakeroot apt-get install qt5-* (the qt5 dependencies you need)

4) fakeroot apt-get install cmake extra-cmake-modules libphonon-dev

5) git clone -b frameworks

6) export PATH=/opt/qt5/bin:$PATH

7) mkdir kdelibs/build && cd kdelibs/build && cmake -DCMAKE_SYSTEM_PREFIX_PATH=/usr/phonon ../

The CMAKE_SYSTEM_PREFIX_PATH needs to be used unfortunately as we are unable to override system packages on Harmattan. Thereby, the phonon package and files cannot be overriden by the KDE phonon packages and files we need for frameworks. Hence, the prefix install "/usr/phonon" is used for now.

It is not as difficult as it seems, albeit not the prettiest either admittedly. :-)

Yet, I am happy with this achievement as it is a great milestone for the frameworks branch to be tested from non-desktop and ARM point of view as well. :-)

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