Monday, August 13, 2012

Support the 2012 KDE Randa Meetings

If you are in a position where you are able to help us to make this a success story, please consider so. :-)

Here you can find the official announcement:

As a participant last year to the Randa meetings, I can also assure you without any hesitation: it is an awesome and very beneficial event from many point of views.


I will be participating in the KDE Edu sprint, and it would be gratifying to keep the excellent free software stack for education going on nicely. It has been a solid and well-proven stack for many years now, but we always face new challanges with the rapidly changing world and technologies around. Here you can find our official website:

We have been recently putting a lot of effort into making the educational stack more accessible on mobile devices (tablets and phones). Needless to say, we also have interesting challanges on desktop as well on various platforms (Windows, Linux, and Mac).

Free and accessible software is very important for us in Education. If you like having this option for teachers, kids, students, and pupils: I can only encourage you again to kindly consider your support, even if it is just a penny. =)

Here you can find the presentation slides and my talk with Aleix at the annual aKademy summit this year for further information:

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