Friday, October 4, 2013

Release: cutepaste

You can obtain the release from here. It is already available in AUR for Archlinux (do not forget to vote if you like ;).

Cutepaste in action

Thanks go to Sayak for providing this service!

KDE Paste web client


  1. While this looks like a cool little app, what really caught my eye, is that list of numbers on the top of the screen. Could you tell me, what that is?

  2. @Schnacki: thank you for the comment. :)

    I was taking the screenshot while using rxvt-unicode. It is similar in that sentence to konsole that it can have separate tabs. Think of it like "ctrl-shift-t" (new tab) in console. Hmm, having switched to konsole at the company, this reminds me that I could perhaps give it a try here at home as well.

    Hope, this answers your questions.

  3. Seems like a bad copy of

  4. @Unknown: Yes, in principle it is very similar. It is only using a different service behind. I have been using curlpaste and wgetpaste for years. That was the inspiration for me when Sayak revealed the new API for a few days ago. I have also been using for a while, but without a dedicated tool, so just pasting the content into the browser.

    As a KDE enthusiast, I wished to have a util that advocates the KDE technology. I even considered having the application name "kdepaste", but the Levenshtein distance is only 2 characters to curlpaste in this case to which I got used to. So, it is easier a change, heh! :)

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  6. are you going to allow enrollment on the paste site anytime soon or is that simply an admin tool?

    Nice and clean page by the way. I'd been using ubuntu's paste but my problem with it is you can't specify a lifespan of the paste. Yours does. Great job.

  7. Daniel, you are right; the log in is for admin purposes.

    By the way, I would like to point that out, just in case: I am not in charge of the web application you can see on the second screenshot. That is written by Sayak. I only used that for testing purposes whether my command line client had uploaded the proper content I wished.

    I plan to add command line option support when Qt 5.2 will get released. We wrote a command line parser into this new minor version, so it will be handier to support expiration date, privacy, and other parameters that the sticky-note API supports.

    For the time being, the web application can be used for life span as you wrote.

    Thank you for the interest. :)

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  9. @Daniel

    You can log in using your credentials. I'll add a banner to the login page to indicate that.