Sunday, July 14, 2013

C++ and header files

Just got into a conversation with my dear room mate, Ivan, here in Bilbao at aKademy about this.

My personal opinion seems to have leaned towards preferring to not have to write them myself. Rather, I am happy to have them generated by a util, for instance during the build process.

A real life example could be rustdoc, most probably. I also realize that it is a bit of an unrealistic wish at the moment, but as I am on vacation now I am entitled to dream a lot. ;-)


  1. You can use lzz:

  2. The LLVM I believe have an interesting toolset including header generation. I can't find a link right now but I will have a look

  3. @sinma: Yes, a third-party tool can be written to accept a syntax which an ideal language should have. Although, one might ask the following question: why not have a standard language with such a syntax in place? :)

    @maninalift: header generation from source is likely not possible due to the missing private, protected, and public qualifiers. Perhaps, if those are put into comment or you mark it some other way. In the end, it will probably be easier to establish the right syntax which an ideal language should contain, and a third-party tool can handle.

  4. This will be a huge step ahead:‎