Sunday, January 20, 2013

Qt5 packages for Archlinux

Hi all,

I had built modularized Qt5 packages (except qtdocs and qtwebkit) for Archlinux x86_64 a few days ago, but unfortunately I did not have time to write even a short blog post for the time. Here you can find the packages:

There are python3 issues with WebKit for now, so it is not included. I had submitted a patch, but I have not yet had time to continue the investigation. As it turns out the issue is more complex than previously thought.

Nevertheless, It should be fixable by using python2 if someone is interested in that.

I will try to keep it up to date once 5.0.1 is out. Hope, it helps.


  1. Will you try to get those included in ArchLinux extra? :)

  2. It would have been a wiser idea to install them in /opt (to avoid conflict with Qt4).

    Luckily installing from the binary installer on their site is straightforward.

    1. The intention was not to get optional packages into /opt, but such ones that can be a good way of moving towards an offer against extra once it is tested thoroughly, step by step. If there are bugs, please report those, and I can try to address them.

      If you need packages into /opt, you have to change the PKGBUILD, or you can use the one on the Qt Project website as you described.

      Qt4 and Qt5 should probably coexist on the system for a while once there are Qt5 packages in extra. It will take the developers some time to finally migrate to Qt5. Hence, /opt installation does not help with this plan to move forward.

      We will also try to add debug packages, but we have just got a repository set up in Germany where the Qt5 packages might happen to end up, instead of keeping them on dropbox. :-)

      I will share more details once I have those. Thank you for your interest and feedback.