Thursday, December 1, 2011

KDE Mobile and Gluon reports

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As you may have already known: I have taken a subtle hint at the end of my previous blog post about the "KDE Mobile on Harmattan sprint". I would now like to show what has been happening. I will be much shorter this time than usual. =)

KDE Mobile on Harmattan sprint

The KDE Harmattan sprint has really been an amazing event for me in my life. Very impressive to see people caring about KDE on handset platforms, like this shiny N9 and Harmattan. You can read our wikipage about the issues we realized in advance and discussed thoroughly at the sprint:

Social event with the KDE e.V. 2011 sprint participants

You can find a more detailed story about the sprint on the following page:

Gluon Player for Harmattan

I have also worked on Gluon a bit at the sprint, and also later as a post-sprint
activity in my leisure time. I am really thankful for the help and feedback I
was able to get from the people about the sprint, but as well as about the
Harmattan Gluon Player. Here you can find some screenshots of the current state:

Game List Page

Game Details Page

Note, there are no proper margins yet on the pages. That is because, for the time being, I decided not to hack around. The relevant qt component version will be having the facility "UiConstants.DefaultMargin". This is not available yet on the PR 1.1 firmwares, but will probably come along with the PR 1.2 update. Disclaimer: we do not really have mature games yet for N9, thus this follow up is only about the Gluon Player application, not the games themselves.

Space Invaders Menu
Space Invaders Game

Future plans:

I would really like to say again. please stay tunned. The story is definitely not over! Having had the KDE Harmattan sprint in this success: I started to deal with creating an Android target in scratchbox. since Qt on Android has been coming along very nicely, I would also like to start the researches about the KDE Android development. I will be trying to organize a KDE Android sprint as soon as the technology of ours make it possible. Thank you for reading, really! ;)

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